The Heroine’s Journey

Starting Point

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Source: Gosia Procházka

Does the heroine know she is a heroine? That’s the question. And the answer depends on what part of the path she’s standing on.

Maybe she’s a small-town girl, where life always used to be simple. Some Mary, who could fit into the demands of her local community perfectly. She has learned to cook tomato sauce and, on many occasions, she has been the babysitter for the children who live next door. The best moment, for now, is her upcoming wedding with Joseph. They’ve dated each other for a long time. Being able to work with your hands, they say, is a gold mine, but his carpentry business is such a piddling. It takes a week to manufacture one table. There is always a mess in the house. Moreover, he’s no longer the youngest anymore; which has its advantage – no mother-in-law troubles. Meaning, Mary’s only concern is acting as his wife and embracing her future role as a mother perfectly. No yelling, no breakdowns, have three smart children and teaching them to respect authority. No discussions. No jutting. Fit in.

This is Mary’s hope, however, someone’s going to try to “ruin” her picturesque vision. “You will become pregnant and give birth to a son, and you will name him Jesus,” she hears one day. Has she really heard what she just heard as she sowed potatoes, or was it some figment of her fantasy? How can she be pregnant when she has not slept with Joseph yet? This is going to be difficult to explain. What is Joseph going to say? Joseph…but what about her aunts?! They will stop her to talk to her and point their fingers of accusation at her. It’s not obvious, perceptivity from the living room sofa, but at this moment it seems as if the whole invisible world is staring at her, but is it?

On one level she has a clear mind: “I cannot do this. I cannot face it.” Another level, she is kneeling and lifting up this prayer: “Mary, you can do this. Face it. You are not in this all alone.” Long seconds pass, a mosaic of her future life and all the certainties in her head are falling apart. She is slowly figuring out she was chosen to be part of a great story which is not just about her and Joseph, it’s about millions of people throughout generations. It does matter how she answers and what she is going to choose. And in the very last moment, before the angel disappeared, she says: “I am a servant of the Lord, let happen everything that you have said.” Here starts her transformation from a basic young woman into a heroine; one who has stepped on the path full of adventure and danger.

You might be a girl from next door, who tries to be grateful for her whole life and who feels nothing is going to change. You live a life where all the days are the same, no reward. Life has stopped and you are frozen in this journey until death; things are meaningless and nothing interesting happens. The same situations, you no longer get angry about anymore; there is no possibility of escape. You cannot. Do. Anything. Is that really so? What if you are the heroine who was born to act an unconceivable role in an immortal story? What if it is you who really matters? What if this is the starting point of a path that is full of adventure and danger? On this path, which is unique and leads you to the greatest treasure. This quest has the possibility of exceeding everything, nothing you have seen already. Can you feel it?

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