I sit on a red bench at the Prosek underground every workday at 7 a. m. As I begin my journey to my job I often use this time to meet with God. I take my Bible out and I often pray: “Talk Lord, your servant is listening,” and then I begin to read. God talks, I listen and ask questions. There are moments when I’m confused and then I get excited. I may beg but then it turns into me being thankful. I get angry and then I find myself forgiving, noting everything so I won’t forget what He has told me. Then, I step out at the Budějovická stop half an hour later ready to begin my day.

The Heroine’s Journey

Starting Point

Source: Gosia ProcházkaDoes the heroine know she is a heroine? That's the question. And the answer depends on what part of the path she's standing on. Maybe she’s a small-town girl, where life always used to be simple. Some Mary,…
8. 10. 2019