Camino: the journey that calls us

A book about a journey to Santiago de Compostela.

A working wife and mother spends two weeks
away from her children, on her own on the Way of James.

Who does she meet?
What does she experience?
How will the journey change her?

They said about the book

This is a book for those who desire to go on a journey to their soul. In her book Gosia is honest with herself and her readers about her discoveries, inviting them to start their own adventure.

Jerry Dean

Read one of its twelve chapters and taste the atmosphere of the journey that takes a pilgrim to the end of the earth and to her own centre.

It’s a book about overcoming fear; about finding your own identity; about the beauty of human relationships; about God, who made the world just for you; about discovering your calling; about your life’s journey; about endless possibilities; about the ocean…

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